Bernette B48 Funlock Overlocker and Coverstitch Machine


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An overlocker/coverstitch machine with a wide range of features and impressive stitch quality
The bernette 48 FUNLOCK is a combination of an overlocker and a coverstitch machine. It has a total of 23 stitches: 15 overlock stitches, 3 coverstitches, 4 combo stitches and 1 chain stitch. The lower looper and chain looper have a mechanical threader. The knife is operated from below, which not only ensures a cleanly cut edge, but also safe handling, and it can be adjusted comfortably with one hand.

2-, 3-, 4- and 5-thread stitches
Overlock seam width: 3–7 mm
Coverstitch width: 2,8 / 5,6 mm
Combo stitches width: up till 10 mm
Rolled hem width: 1,5 mm
Spacious working area (87 mm)
LED light for optimal visibility
High stitch quality with speeds of up to 1300 stitches per minute
Differential feed
Color-coded theading paths for easier threading
Manual threader
Accessories in looper cover
Large cut-offs bin included

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