Janome Continental M17 Sewing & Embroidery Machine

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A.S.R. Accurate Stitch Regulator
Largest Strongest Hoop – 280mm x 460mm Incorporating Carbon Fibre
Hoop Connector – with hoop sensor
New Style Embroidery Unit
Biggest flattest work area w343mm x H 140mm
Integrated Dual Screens
Built in Telescopic Thread Guide
Pop up spool pins
Bonus Embroidery Quilting Kit including Artistic Digitizer Jnr
Accessories include 35 feet & 5 Embroidery Hoops

Largest Hoop 280mm x 460mm (very strong, no flex, incorporating carbon fibre)
Largest Workarea for sewing and embroidery
A.S.R. Accurate Stitch Regulator (3 feet)
A.S.R. with Ruler Work Foot
Embroidery position marker (light)
2 Integrated Touch Screens
Sewing Speed 1,300 stitch per minute
850 built-in stitches
Thumb Wheel for perfect needle drop position
Embroidery Speed 1,200 stitch per minute
1230 built-in embroidery designs
5 Embroidery Hoops (280×460, 280×280, 140×200, 100×100 + ASQ27 Quilting Hoop 270×270)
Hoop Detector (machine recognises if wrong hoop attached)
Easy slide on and lock hoop connector, pull lever to release hoop.
Self-opening top cover, pop-up spool pins, built-in retractable thread guide.
NEW FREE Janome Apps compatible with Android, available from App Store & Google Play.

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