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Discover a new dimension of connection.

Perfection starts here. The PFAFF creative icon 2 sewing and embroidery machine marks a revolutionary step for sewists. A world-first in the home sewing industry, artificial intelligence and speech recognition features give you the ultimate connectivity – enabling you to reach new levels of your craft, effortlessly.

World First & Only: Artificial Intelligence
A smarter way to sew and embroider. Artificial Intelligence allows the machine to learn and continually improve.

The PFAFF creative icon 2 sewing and embroidery machine ushers in a new era of sewing. It is the first sewing machine in the world to be engineered with artificial intelligence. Fueled by an upgraded microprocessor, this advanced machine monitors sewing and reacts to spoken commands, automatically processing the information in the cloud to deliver peak performance.

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Today’s A.I Attach almost any presser foot and the machine will alert you if the foot is compatible with your stitch selection.
Tomorrow’s A.I. Will ensure that you have the most advanced sewing features and functionality continuously added to your machine through automatic software updates.
World’s first: Consumer Sewing Machine with Speech Recognition
Recognition is everything… Use your words to connect more with your craft

“Alexa, ask mySewnet how much time is left in this embroidery design….”

A world-first for the sewing world, the PFAFF creative icon 2 sewing and embroidery machine connect to compatible smart speakers or a mobile phone with the Alexa** app for touchless interactivity, giving you the freedom to get assistance without taking your hands off the project. Engage in over 40 helpful interactions, with new items to be added in the future.

Function: Control key machine processes. “Alexa, ask creative icon 2 to open Stitch Creator”.”

Inspiration: Hands-free access to mySewnet projects, stitches and features “Alexa, ask mySewnet to search the library for thread velvet.”

Assistance: Troubleshoot sewing and machine functions with ease. “Alexa, ask creative icon 2 which colour is next”

** Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant app or smart home devices are required to use speech recognition but are not included.

New Features:
Use these user-friendly functions to ensure perfect alignment and spacing

Stitch Preview: See where stitches will be placed when in sewing mode
Line and Grid Guide: Overlay helpful lines with adjustable angles and grids of adjustable sizes in sewing mode. Colour adjusts for maximum visibility against chosen fabrics.
Embroidery Preview: Select a portion of your embroidery design on-screen to preview on your hooped project
Stitch every embroidery design with certainty

Scans fabric placed in the embroidery hoop
Loads fabric image on the screen in embroidery mode
Uses loaded background to preview design on fabric and assist with design placement
Best in Class – mySewnet : Connect and Create without Restrictions
Tap into the world’s only cloud-based embroidery software

Take advantage of mySewnet with even more freedom. PFAFF Creative icon 2 sewing and embroidery machine is Wi-Fi enabled so you can access the full functionality of mySewnet from anywhere and easily communicate and collaborate between enabled devices.

Connect: Easily saves and transfer designs using the mySewnet cloud. Get notifications about new machine software and updates and wireless downloads.
Explore: Browse the mySewnet blog directly from your screen with news, tips and hints, free projects and free designs
Manage: Get help and instructions, monitor embroidery stitch-out process, design placement and more. Free Android and iOS apps allow you to connect your phone or tablet to your machine even if they are not on the same WiFi Network.
Create: Use Project Creator to develop interactive sewing instructions with images, designs and stitches, and share with friends. Access instructions on-screen and load stitches and designs directly from the instructions to make projects easy to create and replicate.
Technology focused on Technique
Best in Class: Top Performance through best-in-class features. Complete every step with PFAFF brand power and precision.
Brightest LED working-space light designed by optronic experts to show colours truely and limit shadowing on projects
33.7 pounds of piercing power to sew through thick or layered materials with ease.
Uniquely engineered baseplate to increase stability for more comfortable sewing/
World’s First & Only: Patented ActivStitch technology
Deliver perfect stitch quality on the front and back every time, no matter the level of design or thread.

Revolutionary feature employs sensors to measure fabric thickness and then regulates the amount of thread needed by both needle and bobbin.
Resulting stitches are perfect on both sides of fabric, even when fine or metallic threads are used.

Redefining every stitch
Sewing: Create unique finished works with hundreds of sophisticated stitch techniques:
Exclusive Stitch Techniques

Floating stitches
Radiant Stitches
Single Ribbon Stitches
Double Ribbon Stitches
Triple Ribbon Stitches
Lace Edge Stitches
Stacking Stitches
Tapering on all Decorative Stitches – Bring a Greater level of customization to each piece by perfectly matching patterns around corners and altering stitch angle.

Four Free Motion Modes – Get perfect results will all free motion foot options to quilt, do ruler work, thread painting for darning easily.

Largest Embroidery Area: Use the creative Grand Dream Hoop to embroider large projects faster with the 360mm x 350mm size

Four included embroidery Hoops: The variety of hoops allows you to embroider efficiently, without wasting time or material

creative Grand Dream Hoop (360 x 350mm)
creative Supreme Hoop (360 x 260 mm)
creative Elite Hoop (260 x 200mm)
creative 120 Square Hoop (120 x 120mm)
Connect more with intuitive innovations
Large 10.1" (257mm) Multi-touch screen: Create and interact more on screen with one of the largest full-colour displays.
Extra Large Capacity Bobbin: 30% larger bobbin than previous PFAFF models (excl Icon 1) allows you to sew longer without interruption.
Enhanced Fabric Feeding: Eight feeding segments, the most on the market, deliver exceptional, even feeding no matter the material.
Enhanced original IDT: Eliminate slippage and feed fabrics smoothly to guarantee even seams on all fabrics, from ine to bulky
Ensures even feed from top and bottom fabric
Features its own power source for greater control
Built-in sensor lets you know when to activate or deactivate based on fabric feed performance.
Free updateable firmware: Connect over Wi-Fi and your machine will automatically update to the latest firmware to continuously elevate your sewing experience.

Advanced Accessories: Engineered to expand possibilities
Take creativity further with cutting-edge capabilities

A leader in the industry, PFAFF brands delivers functional design with an eye towards bringing out the best in every project and every stitch. The advanced accessories of the creative icon 2 sewing and embroidery machine extend your capabilities in terms of materials scope and ease.

Best in Class: Grand Dream Hoop (included)

Included with the machine, it is the largest machine embroidery hoop on the market to accommodate larger embroideries in one hoop (360mm x 350mm)

Included Accessories:
These creative icon 2 sewing and embroidery machine accessories are designed to help you bring out the best in your craft
Straight Stitch Needle Plate
Included Hoops
creative Grand Dream Hoop (360 x 350mm)
creative Supreme Hoop (360 x 260 mm)
creative Elite Hoop (260 x 200mm)
creative 120 Square Hoop (120 x 120mm)
Presser Feet
OA – Standard Presser Foot for IDT system
1A – Fancy Stitch Foot for IDT system
2A – Fancy Stitch Foot
3 – Blindhem Foot for IDT system
4 – Zipper Foot for IDT system
5A – Sensormatic Buttonhole Foot
5M – Manual Buttonhole Foot
6A – Embroidery/Sensormatic Free-Motion Foot
6D – Dynamic Spring Foot
1/4" Quilting Foot for IDT system
8 – Maxi Stitch Foot
Bi-Level Guide Foot for IDT system
Soft Cover for Machine
Luggage Style carrying bag with packing insert for embroidery unit
creative icon 2 sampler book
Plus more

Optional Advanced Accessories – Available for extra purchase
Worlds First & Only – creative Embellishment Attachment (Optional Purchase)

The first and only embellishment attachment in the industry to automatically guide ribbons, beads, yarn or cording with ease while embroidering. It rotates 360 degrees to ensure perfect material placement to create the ultimate in custom embellishment.

Best in Class: Multi-Function Foot Control (Optional Purchase)

Control multiple functions of your machine like thread cut, tie off or reverse without taking your hands off your project.
3 customisable function switches
2 side levers
1 heal touch button
Separate needle up/down function
Five programmable sewing machine functions include:
Presser foot lift
Tie off
Pattern begin / restart
Extra-long 8 foot (2.5m) USB cable to suit various sewing positions
Ergonomic Design
Rubberised base for stability

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