Gammill Quilting With Confidence Tour Australia 2024

Gammill Quilting with Confidence Tour is heading to Australia in 2024 with 2 BIG tour stops..

Melbourne  & Gold Coast.

River City Sewing Machine Centre will be your host once again for Gammill Quilting with Confidence Australia 2024 events and we welcome you to book your place at these wonderful educational events.  Don’t let the opportunity pass to have fun with quilting and be part of this great Australian tour by Gammill.


Melbourne Tour Stop  

Mantra on Russell,  222 Russell Street Melbourne v 3000


July 29-30           Hand Guided Track

July 31- Aug 1    Computer Foundational Skills

Aug 2 -3               Advanced Computer Techniques


Gold Coast Tour Stop  

Mercure Gold Coast Resort  64 Palm Meadows Drive Carrara  Q  4211


August  5-6         Hand Guided Track

August  7-8       Computer Foundational Skills

August 9-10       Advanced Computer Techniques

Book your place in these unique education events from Gammill.


Pricing and special offers

Book any one x 2-day event                                                   $695.00

Book any two x 2-day events at the same venue               $995.00

Book all three x 2 day events at the same venue            $1595.00

Discounts apply to bookings at the same tour stop venue only and will be applied at checkout.

For Quilting with Confidence, select from one of the following class tracks. Each track features two days of education.

  • Hand Guided Skills
  • Computerized Foundational Skills
  • Computerized Advanced Techniques

Hand Guided Skills Description

The hand-guided session is for all quilters of all skill levels. You do not need to own a Gammill to attend. Lessons will be lecture style (no machines).

Below is a list of Hand Guided classes. Each of the seven sessions is 90 minutes long.

Ruler Basics
In our class, we prioritize safety and precision! Learn the proper and safe way to use various rulers and templates as we guide you through several unique designs. Mastering these techniques not only enhances your quilting skills but ensures a secure and enjoyable quilting experience. Gain confidence in using tools effectively and creating stunning designs. See you in class!

On The Edge
Now that you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to put those skills into action! Join us as we delve into more detailed designs, utilizing various rulers and stencils. This session will challenge you to take your quilting to the next level, combining precision and creativity. Don’t miss this opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and elevate your quilting journey. Let’s turn your newfound skills into stunning works of art!

S Leaves
Unlock the beauty of quilted leaves with one of the most versatile designs! Join us as we share multiple uses of an S curve to create stunning and cohesive leaves that can enhance all areas of your quilt. This session promises to provide valuable insights into creating captivating designs. Don’t miss the chance to add a touch of nature’s elegance to your quilting projects.

Longarm Feather Basics
If feathers scare you, fear not! This is your class. We’ll be covering all the basics to get you started on your feather journey. Whether you’re a beginner or have hesitated to try feathers in your quilting, this session is designed to boost your confidence and provide the foundation you need. Join us for a supportive and informative class – let’s turn those feather fears into fabulous creations together!

More than Meets the Eye
Ready to take the boring out of stencils? Join us and discover the magic that can happen with their endless design possibilities! In this class, we’ll transform the ordinary into extraordinary as we explore the creative potential of stencils. Say goodbye to monotony and hello to a world of imaginative designs. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock the magic within stencils and elevate your quilting game.

Ever find detailed stitching challenging? Grids are the secret weapon! Join us as we reveal how grids make detailed stitching easier, and we’ll share several designs that will have you stitching beautiful patterns in no time. This class is packed with insights to enhance your skills and bring precision to your projects.

Happy as a Clam
Get ready for some awesome designs with clamshells! In this class, we’ll show you how to use an original stencil to create both small and large clamshells, allowing you to stitch some great designs that don’t always look like a clamshell. This session promises creativity and innovation – where clamshells take on a whole new level of design possibilities.


Computer Foundational Description

Statler Foundations
Students taking the Foundation’s track will learn how to Navigate CreativeStudio®, and use it’s functions, including the Edge to Edge function. This track covers roll quilt, re-locate and restart quilting after a thread break/bobbin change. Students will utilize the features of CS to place designs in a simple custom quilt and will watch in real-time as the designs are stitched out on the QWC 2024 Foundations panel using the Statler Ascend. Students will have the opportunity to practice what they learn during class on their laptop in SAM. Students need to bring a laptop with CS installed. Sessions are 90 minutes.

Discover CreativeStudio 7
Navigating CreativeStudio® from turning the machine on – to turning it off and all the things in between.

First Things First
Learn Edge to Edge setup including auditioning patterns, and an introduction to modifying patterns.

Next Steps
Learn how to roll quilt, relocate, restart quilting after a thread break/bobbin change, and how to set up and quilt out the last E2E row.

CreativeStudio Techniques for Real-life Quilting. Part A
Save time using border corner, apply pattern, fill, and more.

CreativeStudio Techniques for Real-life Quilting. Part B
Learn how to add text to a quilt, chunk borders, save patterns, and more.

CreativeStudio Techniques for Real-life Quilting. Part C
Create patterns using mirror and draw arc. Learn how to place bottom borders.

Beyond Stitches.
Answers to Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions including pattern management, transferring projects from SAM to your stitcher, editing images in paint, intro to hand-guided quilting and more.


Advanced Computer Techniques Description

The Advanced Techniques track will cover Repeat Patterns and will utilize other functions to teach students how to create their own designs. Students will learn how to edit, adjust, and create new patterns to fit on the QWC 2024 Advanced Panel, including adding Text, making and stitching an applique on the quilt top, and stitching around pieced applique. Students will follow along with the PowerPoint presentations, and have time to practice each lesson during class on their laptop in SAM. Students need to bring a laptop with CS installed.

This class is taught lecture style. Students will follow along and participate by using a laptop with CreativeStudio Stand Alone Mode. Students should bring a laptop to class with them. Below is a list of classes in the Statler Advancing Technique Class Track held on Days 2 and 3. Sessions are 90-minutes long.

Exploring Repeat Patterns
Learn how to use Repeat Patterns for Edge to Edge quilting, including auditioning patterns, editing patterns, and how to concatenate Repeat Patterns.

Bordering Brilliance
Designing Border Patterns. Learn how to design border patterns, border corner patterns, and how to appliqué on the frame.

Artful Anchors
Creating Cornerstone and Triangle Patterns. Learn how to make patterns using functions in CS including: ghosting cornerstone blocks and triangle patterns.

Feathered Finesse in CS
Designing Feather Patterns. Step-by-step instructions to design feather patterns using a variety of CS functions.

Appliqué Marvels
Create and Apply Appliqué Stitches. Learn how to create and apply appliqué stitches to an appliqué block. Learn how to couch with chenille yarn.

Blendable Backgrounds
Using Repeat Patterns for Fills. Learn how to use and edit Repeat Patterns as background fills.

Border Bound
Turning the Quilt for the Final Stitches. As we turn the quilt for the side borders, learn how to make new border designs using concatenation.



Is the Australian Tour the same as the US Tour?
The Australian QWC Tour has been modified in its schedule to accommodate the long-distance travel for the educators. There are some differences in the Australian Sessions these are all lecture-style sessions without machines. The educational content is consistent for all 2024 QWC sessions.

Who should attend?
The Quilting with Confidence events are open to all longarm quilters or those interested in longarm quilting. It is not necessary to own a Gammill. This is also a great opportunity for those interested in learning more about longarm quilting. All guests must register individually as seats are limited.

Do I need to own a Gammill to attend?
You do not. The computer foundational quilting track is a great fit for any longarm quilter who is looking to purchase a computerised quilting machine. This course will give you a great introduction to Gammill Statler machines and CreativeStudio software.

Are the classes hands-on?
No. The classes will be lecture style.

What do I need to bring?

Computerized users should bring a laptop with CreativeStudio 7 in Stand Alone Mode to follow along. To download CreativeStudio 7, visit All other supplies and equipment are provided. If you need assistance with downloading CS7 in Stand Alone Mode, please schedule an appointment with Tech Support at this link.
Who will teach at the event?
Gammill’s team of trained educators will be presenting at the various events. The educators who will be at each event will not be announced beforehand. The Gammill education team has worked diligently to create content and an educational experience that is consistently outstanding for each student.

What is included?
The registration fees include education, educational materials, lunch, and light refreshments.

What is not included?
Hotel accommodations, breakfast, and dinner are not included.

Will there be lunch options for those with special dietary restrictions?
We cannot guarantee to be able to accommodate all dietary restrictions. Please note any dietary restrictions on your booking. Guests who wish to do so are welcome to leave during the lunch break.

What is the cancellation policy?
0 to 15 days before the event: No Refunds
16 to 30 days before the event: Refund less $150 cancellation fee.
More than 30 days before the event: Refund less $50 cancellation fee.

How do I book?

Click here to go to our booking page.